Benchtop Materials Testing Machine

Part No: NL-H1K/H5K

Horizontal Profile Projector
    • PC Control via high speed
    • RS232 using ASCII mode and super high speed binary mode
    • Machines are proof loaded to 200% of capacity
    • Force accuracy of 0.5% of applied load across the load cell display range
    • Built-in intelligent active force and displacement alarm system
    • 32 bit precision motor controller
    • Displacement resolution of 0.0001mm
    • Speed resolution of 0.001mm/min
    • 150% mechanical overload capacity on each load cell
    • 20% digital load tare while maintaining full load cell capacity
    • Automatic motor drive alarms that monitor over/under voltage, current and temperature
    • Capacity: 100/500kgf
    • Maximum sample diameter: 150/200mm
    • Load cell: NL-H1K: 1kN, 500N, 250N, 100N, 50N, 25N, 10N, 5N NL-H5K: 5kN, 2.5kN, 1kN, 500N, 250N, 100N, 50N, 25N, 10N, 5N

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