Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Part No: NH-HT-2402/2402BP/2402BI

Horizontal Profile Projector
    • High precision,high accuracy,high stability material testing machine.
    • ISO 9001 certified,superior products fabricated by highly trained and experience personnel.
    • Can be used to perform tensile testing, compression, etc.
    • Capacity : 1 ~ 250 kN.
    • Accuracy of test force : 1%(standard accuracy type) / 0.5%(High Accuracy Type)within the range of 1/1 ~ 1/250 of full scale ofload.
    • Load cell : Low profile high precision tension/compression load cell as standard (max load cell x1 set, available to connect several load cell at one time-optional).
    • Load amplification : x1, x2, x5, x10, x20. x50, x100 seven scale with auto range function, resolution 1/2000 x1, x2, x5, x10 four scales with auto range function, resolution 1/2000, resolution 1/20000.
    • Selection of force unit : N, kN.
    • Test speed range : 0.005~500mm/min, 0.05~500mm/min.
    • Standard accessories : Tensile grips, tool ki1.operation manual, certificate of calibration.
    • Optional accessories : Extensometer, Thermostat chamber, Grips & fixtures.

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