Comprehensive Training Course on Metallographic Sample Preparation Techniques

  • Conduct by our Sample Preparation Specialist also PSMB@HRDF Certified Trainer with a strong track record of successful on Industrial and Research & Development Application on Materials Sample Preparation and Microscopic Inspection since 1996. More than 16 years’ experience as Invited Speaker & Facilitator on Sample Preparation Workshop for various materials, fields and applications in local University.
  • Remark: PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad)


We offer service, repair and custom design for Any brand of Microscope. We service large accounts on a yearly basis, as well as single scope jobs.

Our microscope preventive maintenance service procedure includes:

  • Cleaning the Stand
  • Cleaning the Objectives Lens
  • Cleaning the Eyepieces
  • Cleaning the Stage Assembly
  • Cleaning the Condenser
  • Cleaning, Checking & Aligning the Light Source
  • Cleaning & Checking the Optical Paths
  • Cleaning & Checking the Video/Camera System (If applicable)
  • Checking Optical Quality
  • Advise/Recommending replacement part or upgrade as necessary

Our innovative and experienced technicians also builds custom optical tools for your needs.

We offer experienced, professional service daily to repair and maintain your optical equipment. We are able to provide maintenance and service agreements/contracts/quotes that can avoid critical downtime periods, insuring longevity and retaining the original precision in your key equipment.

Please feel free to contact us via phone/fax/email for service price quotes, or to discuss your current microscope sales/service needs!